Zhangzhou Kay Kay electromechanical Co. Ltd.,|RO-QK-5327-75G
•    型號: RO-QK-5320-75G
•    規格: 174x104x98 mm
•    重量: 1.8kg
•    電壓: DC 24 V
•    工作电流:0.7± 10% A
•    口徑: 3/8"
•    流量: 0.85± 10 L/min30psi进水压/70psi出水压
•    產權專利: 201420723579

Definition of RO pump

RO pump, also known as RO booster pump, RO diaphragm pump, reverse osmosis booster pump, is a kind of DC diaphragm booster pump. RO Reverse Osmosis Diaphragm Pump is the full meaning of the reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis) diaphragm booster pump.

RO pump as the name suggests is the booster pump used in reverse osmosis equipment. It has the function of self suction and charge, and is one of the key parts of the RO water purifier.. RO pump is another important component in the RO water purifier RO film, provide the water pressure and water flow required for its work, so as to achieve the purpose of pure water RO purifier output. - Classification of RO pumps

According to the RO film water quantity specification to classification, can be divided into two categories. A class of "national standard RO film" corresponds to the pump, 50 gallons, 75 gallons and 100 gallons, also known as the home RO pump. The other is, the non - commercial large flow RO film corresponding pump, 150 gallons, 200 gallons, 300 gallons, 400 gallons, etc., also known as commercial machine RO pump.

According to the use of the environment to classification, can be divided into municipal water pressure zone ordinary RO pump, and rural and other free water pressure and low water pressure area with 0 RO pump, called the 0 pressure pump (also known as the self suction pump).

Classified according to the function, available in the market are mainly ordinary ro pump; has stable outlet pressure ro pump regulator; with automatic water cut-off, alternative RO water purifier system inlet electromagnetic valve RO water pump. - working principle of RO pump

Ro pump head in structure design of the main; hyperbaric chamber, plenum chamber, a valve cover, a water inlet one-way valve, water one-way valve, diaphragm, cam draw bracket assembly.

Ro pump is used DC motor as a power drive device, after the power is switched on rotor of the motor rotates to drive the eccentric swing round eccentric motion, and then converted to and the eccentric swing round even closely one three cam draw bracket assembly do reciprocating motion, to drive the diaphragm to do reciprocating motion at the same time, on the valve cover to produce reciprocating ceiling squeezing phenomenon.

When cam draw support assembly by down movement, plenum produces vacuum effect, under the effect of vacuum suction inlet one-way valve is opened and the water is sucked into plenum chamber, when the motor is rotated to a certain angle, cam draw support assembly gradually by the original top-down movement change is from sports, will be sucked into the water to squeeze, in under the pressure of the pressure, influent one-way valve positive sealing, water can often high-pressure chamber discharge directions. When the pressure is greater than the unidirectional water outlet valve of the opposing force, outlet one-way valve is opened, water to a high pressure chamber discharge. The constant rotation of the motor, so that the diaphragm has been done to complete the reciprocating movement of the suction and water booster purposes. - RO pump installation

RO pump is generally installed in the RO water purifier equipment, the installation position should be in front of the filter, RO film front. At least should be in the back of the first pre filter (PP), if non rural no water or low water pressure (1kg) area, it is recommended installation on all pre filter behind, in front of the RO membrane. RO pump outlet end directly connected with the RO film inlet end. The installation process, source water filtered through the pre filter, to prevent the water sand and other impurities into the RO pump, resulting in RO pump pressure and so on. The pressure loss can be reduced directly before the RO film is installed, and the pressure and flow of the RO film can be provided.. RO pump in the installation, the general choice of pump head down vertical installation or horizontal installation, as far as possible, the use of the pump head down vertical installation. The direction of the flow should be in the direction of the arrow on the pump head.. - RO pump origin and generation of products

The RO pump is a kind of DC diaphragm booster pump, the earliest DC diaphragm booster pump original is began in 1979, invented by the American E. Dale Hartliey. The initial design for cars, boats (such as tourism and recreational vehicles, boats etc.) industry in "water box water conveying applications of water supply pump, is widely applied in the area of low pressure water supply pressure field.

In 1985, RO household water purifier is Xu Zhaohuo imported from the United States and Taiwan market, due to the United States generally higher water pressure, the RO water purifier is does not require external water pressure increasing, so the first to introduce the RO water purifier did not ro booster pump. RO water purifier applied to Taiwan and found Taiwan water pipe pressure cannot meet the requirement of the RO water purifier products produced by water pressure, so the introduction of the DC diaphragm booster pumps for RO water purifier booster. After DC diaphragm booster pump were widely applied in the water appliances industry RO water purifier products, then the name "ro pump".

RO pump after years of market baptism, led by Xu Zhaohuo E-CHEN (a whole) developed specifically for the RO purifier for upgrading and innovation of the new pump. Its independent innovative patented structure technology, RO water purifier has overcome many years can not solve the problem of the long-term seasonal, climate change caused by the impact of water leakage and other issues. In order to distinguish between the original manufacturers of the United States diaphragm booster patented technology, the E-CHEN called the two generation RO pump ". - how to choose the RO pump

First of all, pump selection must follow the "seats" to the principle of selection of pump type. Also is to say 50 gallons of water pump (such as RO-QK-5320-50G) must pairing with 50 gallons of RO membrane, such as Dow Dow TW30-1812-50 cannot be used with a different number of gallons of water purifier. The use of a pump for pumping large gallons of water into a small gallon of water purifier is prohibited.. The water load of the RO film will increase, the desalination rate of RO membrane will decline, the water quality may not reach the standard (at the same time the water output will increase), even lead to the deformation of RO film tear.

RO pump is known as the heart of the RO water purifier, is one of the key accessories in the RO water purifier. The quality and safety of RO pump can be determined by the quality and safety of RO water purifier..

A qualified ro pump, we must first ensure that all materials not steal pounds two shoddy, performance must be in accordance with the requirements of the working environment of the corresponding RO membrane. The performance is influenced by the materials, the structure of the product, the production process and so on.. The performance and safety of the RO pump can be detected and identified by the following method.

1, choose a brand, reputable professional RO pump manufacturers, pay attention to the product has no infringement problem.

2, whether the pressure and flow is consistent with the requirements of RO film. Such as EC-101-50 (50 gallons RO pump), under the 30psi inlet water pressure, the outlet pressure can reach 70psi, and the flow rate is more than 550ml/min.

3, continuous operation 24 hours after its surface temperature is no more than 50 degrees Celsius.

4, the normal operation of the noise below 50 400G (below).

5. It can be tested for safety by high pressure test.. 454psi (32kg) static pressure, 5 minutes without leakage, the appearance of deformation.

6. The hammer impact test can not leak or crack through the hammer of more than 100000 12kg..

7, through the 10.5kg water pressure, after 24 hours of the motor torque test can not high fever or death. - use other considerations

1. Note that the use of the power adapter is consistent with the electrical parameters of the RO pump.

2, the applicable water temperature is: 5 ~ 45.

3, can not be in the medium of grease, chemical liquid and in corrosive gas environment work.